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2018 China (Guangzhou) International Wine & Spirits Exhibition was successfully end on Nov.11. Look kack at this wine expo, a wonderful time in which the best and brightest from the wine world were brought together under one roof to exhibit their unique products and network with individuals sharing the same passion. At the same time, to promote the development of Chinese imported wine industry.


One of the biggest highlights of this exhibition is undoubtedly from eastern Europe.This year was especially exciting,  Wine of Moldova, Wine of Bulgaria, Wine of Romania and Wine of Ukraine garnering an unprecedented amount of attention,tasting and recognition from exhibitors and consumers alike during the 3-days of the exhibition.


随着东欧葡萄酒对华贸易不断增速,刺激中国葡萄酒市场产生了新的活跃度。当前,如何借力贸易利好,提升进口酒运作,扩容市场成为众多业内人士关注的话题。11月10日,Interwine China携手微酿于21届Interwine酒展期间共同发起了《东欧国家进口葡萄酒峰会》。

With the constant growth of the wine trade in Eastern Europe to China, Chinese imported wine market has generated a new vitality. At present, how to take advantage of the trade to improve the operation of imported wine and expand the market has become a hot topic concerned by many insiders in the imported wine industry.

Interwine China and Microvin working together launched the "Eastern European Countries Imported Wine Summit" Nov.10 during the 21st Interwine exhibition.


峰会现场,保加利亚葡萄酒出口协会主席 Eng. Galina Niforou 女士在致辞中表示:“保加利亚有同样优秀的产区,在现代与千百年传统结合中不断完善酿酒技术,有来自全世界最有才华的酿造与种植专家,于是便有了独一无二的葡萄酒,每年有数百个奖项来自所有享有盛誉的国际葡萄酒比赛。这片神奇的土地吸引了许多来自法国、意大利、西班牙等著名葡萄酒国家的投资者,葡萄酒行业取得了巨大的进步,并迅速增长,已经成为有着独特风格的葡萄酒生产国。”


President of the Bulgarian Wine Export Association, Eng. Galina Niforou said: "Bulgaria has the same outstanding wine producing areas, with the constantly improving winemaking techniques in the combination of modern and old traditions, with the most talented brewing and planting experts from all over the world, Bulgaria has made great unique wines for centuries, with hundreds of awards each year from all the prestigious international wine competitions."

"This magical land has attracted many investors from well-known wine countries such as France, Italy and Spain. Obviously, Bulgarian wine industry has made great progress and grown rapidly, has became a wine-producing country with unique styles."

"Relevant data shows that the export price of Bulgarian wine producers in China has been growing at a rate of 64.2% at one time. We are very optimistic about the  potential development of Chinese imported wine market in the future and hope to grow with it."




In Mr.Zhu's opinion, wine industry is like a sea, which is inclusive. Every country needs to flow into the sea. Take Macedonia for example, its local wine market share accounts for about 30%. "I am going to say that not only can we survive, we can go further."


"First of all, we have direct contact with the terminal market and fully understand what the consumers and our partners need. In the future, the market share of fine wines will become larger and larger.

Secondly, the quality of the wine product  in the Chinese market. As one of the representatives of small fine wine producer countries, Macedonia has a lot of history worth exploring, and there are moreboutique wineries, each with fine wines.

The most critical point is the way the brand operates in line with the development of the Chinese market."


So, what are the advantages and challenges of Eastern Europe wine selling in China? Mr.Gao said, "from the map view, moldova is a very small place but the country hasa strong point is that the huge wine production capacity. It is said that China would expand the range of free-tariff import products and favorable courtiers and Moldova is about to enter the era of free tariffs. For us, would be a new growth point."




How does eastern European wine operate in China market? The future still focuses on offline promotion.

Unlike France, Italy, Australia, Chile and other countries, wines from eastern Europe does not account for a large share of the Chinese market.


Mr.Zou shared his ideas with us, " When I first entered the wine industry, French wine accounted for 86% of the Chinese market, and today it accounts for less than 40%. In Britain, the world's most mature market, French wine has less than 10% market share.

Why has the data changed so dramatically? Because in wine industry,there always have new customers and personalized needs, you need to constantly use these products to meet them. Eastern European countries all have their own history, their own wine stories and unique winery characteristics while China still has a large market waiting for us."

“小产区,大生意”,Interwine China CEO贾燕平女士总结说:“消费市场不断发展,葡萄酒产品与运作方式的多元化趋势会越来越明显,这也是我们举办首届东欧葡萄酒国家产业峰会的初衷,我们希望这个活动继续建设下去,成为为整个葡萄酒行业扩容的助推器。”

"Small wine regions, big business", CEO of Interwine China Jia Yanping concluded, "With the continuous development of the consumer market, the diversified trend of wine products and ways of operation will become more and more obvious, which is also the original intention of our first "Eastern European Countries Imported Wine Summit" .

"We hope that this activity will continue to be held and become a booster for the expansion of the wine industry as a whole."

Interwine China took centre stage in Guangzhou last one week with a record-breaking presence at Canton fair trading center, the leading international trade fair for wine and spirits.



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