Show of celebrity: Conquers the world with tenderness, the pioneer of china imported wine market

The China (Guangzhou) International Wine & Spirits Exhibition (short for “Interwine”) has just dropped the curtain, and then immediately The Argentina’s wine Tasting begins where Miss Rita Jia as usually and energetically shuttles around, wearing her warm smile and the long hair.

Miss Rita Jia, the general manger of Canton Universal Fair Group Ltd, the founder of The China (Guangzhou) International Wine & Spirits Exhibition, has devoted herself in this industry for more than 10 years. She was also elected as “the leader of china imported wine market” “the angel of wine market 2009” “the top 12 female leaders of china imported wine market” etc. But instead of focus on those bubble reputations, Miss Rita Jia pays more attention to real deeds. Since a little girl, she has known what she wants and readied to fright for her goal.

In 2002, Miss Rita Jia had her first glass of wine occasionally and from then started her journey of wine. In 2004, she perceived the commercial opportunity of china imported wine market. She sent the invitation letter to 10000 wine producers, out of her exception. Interwine was founded by her following the trend. Nowadays Interwine has become an industry indicator of wine market inside China and internationally. Just like a magnet every session of Interwine has attracted thousands of wine producers, wine merchants and embassy consuls from the wine producing countries.


Wine is a diplomatic language, the exhibition is a communication bridge among the world. Facing the challenges and the competitions, Miss Rita Jia talks to the world in a gentle way. Instead of throwing straws against the wind, she moves the competitors with her female charm, and makes them her partners.

Passion and tenderness, just like the strong tannin Barolo and the delicate Burgundy pilot noir, make up the full picture of Rita Jia. She is a romanticist with courage and decision.  With her passion, faith and professionalism of world wine culture, Miss Rita Jia has become the pioneer and the witness of China imported wine market through years.

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